NTDUNational Taxi Drivers Union (Ireland, UK)
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Tommy Gorman, president of the NTDU, said: "We're meeting on Wednesday and although no further strikes are planned, nothing has been ruled out."
The NTDU have sent letters to Minister McDowell, appealing that he stiffen penalties for those who kill a public servant.
All 17,000 cabbies in Ireland are backing the strike which is being organised by Siptu, the NTDU and the Irish Taxi Drivers Federation.
"Both myself and the NTDU have been at the forefront of requesting this over the last number of years.
NTDU president Tommy Gorman said: "We're concerned about our members who are out doing an honest day's work, ferrying people home."
"Three drivers committed suicide, but the NTDU couldn't afford its own third court battle, after losing two deregulation cases against the Government in 1999 and 2002.
The NTDU requested a blue light for taxi roofs six years ago, which the driver could then activate if under attack.
NTDU's Vincent Kearns said: "The public must be assured that drivers have passed rigorous tests.
The Minister said the NTDU believed that economic interests of taxi drivers should dictate his exercise of regulatory power.
Noel Burke of the NTDU said the drivers had started out being angry, then became worried and now had a "grim determination".
NTDU boss Tommy Gorman said: "We have more than 2,500 members and they have voted overwhelmingly in favour of continued striking."
Yesterday NTDU boss Vinny Kearns said the moves effectively mean only a 10 per cent increase on the average cab ride.