NTEMNational Trip End Model (transportation forecast)
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Kwasi Apea Nuama's denunciation of Yaw Ntem is in Manhyia Palace, Kumase, 'Record of evidence submitted about the abolition of Nkwankwaahene in Ashanti', dd.
The NE-SW and ENE-WSW directions are correlated with the direction of subduction of the Ntem Complex (cratonic plate) under the Pan-African mobile zone [3].
[18.] Bilong CFB, Ntem CMA, Njine T (2004) Structure of the guild of monogenic gill parasites of fish Hemichromis fasciatus Yaounde municipal lake.
The structural data has shown definite surface deformation characterised by flat structures gently sloping to the north and generalised tilting towards the south or south-west, indicating a significant intermediate formation overlap on the Ntem complex basement Such deformation may be seen by the presence of northward sloping folds.
v) Widow inheritance (ntem akup): This form of marriage compels a widow to marry any male member of her deceased husband's extended family who is willing to take care of her and the children.
Es tambien un viaje narrativo en busca de sus origenes como pueblo, cuya cumbre viene representada en la llegada de Ekomo y Nnanga al rio Ntem, donde se situa el origen mitico de los fang.
According to Alain Micouin from the EU's delegation in Gabon, getting across the Ntem River, which runs parallel with the borders between these three countries, has always been a significant obstacle to the free movement of goods and people in the region.
See Andre Belombe Yombi, La repression de la Sorcellerie dans le Code Penal Camerounais: Le cas du Kong dans le Ntem, 5 JAHRBUCH FUR AFRIKANISCHES RECHT 3, 3-12 (1986), for a detailed discussion of witchcraft in the Cameroon Penal Code.
And so, as Paul Amba Ntem stated in his first love letter to the people of Corinth paragraph 14, line 34 that 'women are not allowed to speak in the House of Yahweh, and so should remain quiet, because Sunday school, no talking!' the Umbrella people are applying this condition to every gathering and disregarding women participation and banning them from speaking in public.
1961: The History and Customs of Ntem. Oxford: Oxonian.
President Biya has also laid the foundation stone for the Memve'le Dam to be built on the River Ntem by Sinohydro, to power 1,200MW power plant by 2016.