NTHANorthern Tier Hardwood Association
NTHANorthern Territory Horticultural Association (Australia)
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The grassroots centers and the RDCs will ensure continuous flow of talent into NTHA. The government will help develop infrastructure in these regions to improve the quality of hockey players being fed into the RDCs and NTHA Odisha.
With the establishment of NTHA Odisha, youth from the State will get the best-in-class training on artificial turf from an early age that will enable players to compete at par with their international counterparts.
NTHA Odisha will be operated from the existing infrastructure that was set-up to host the Odisha Men's Hockey World Cup in 2018 in Bhubaneshwar.
In other words, it involves performing NTHA of a structural model under an ensemble of ground motions of increasing intensity, IMs, with the objective of attaining an accurate indication of the response structure under a seismic excitation.
The prediction of responses in the first approach is performed within each one of the 129 seismic groups which were extracted from the NTHA.
Figures 13-16 demonstrated the fragility curves at each different limit state based on NN and NTHA methods.
Excessive analysis time, complexity of nonlinear analyses, algorithm for solving nonlinear equations, nonconvergence, error tolerance, time period of analysis, damping ratio, nonlinear behavior curve of materials, nonlinear element type, considering bound-slip effects in concrete columns, taking into account concrete tensile behavior, strain-hardening percentage in steel, optimal number of section fibers, proper mass distribution, and selection of seismic record are among the problems pertaining to presenting fragility curves on the basis of data obtained from NTHA. A total of 1677 NTHAs require 12 days using a computer with a CORE i5 CPU and an average analysis time of 10 minutes.
Determination of a framework for "macro- and micro-specifications of structures" and "features of seismic records" is required in future studies, so that fragility curves based on general ANN would be put forward by employing NTHA data.
In this study, fragility curves are estimated on the basis of NTHA data and soft computing.
Caption: FIGURE 13: Comparison of the column fragility curves by NN (Approach 1) and NTHA methods.
Caption: FIGURE 14: Comparison of the column fragility curves by NN (Approach 2) and NTHA methods.
Caption: FIGURE 15: Comparison of the bearing fragility curves by NN (Approach 1) and NTHA methods.