NTIANational Telecommunications and Information Administration (US DOC)
NTIANational Telecommunications and Information Administration
NTIANational Telecommunication and Information Agency (US DOC)
NTIANishijin Textile Industrial Association (fabric manufacturers; Kyoto, Japan)
NTIANational Telecommunications & Information Association
NTIANear-Total Intestinal Aganglionosis
NTIANational Telecommunications Interagency
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* To what extent will ongoing and future intergovernmental telecommunications conferences (such as the December 2012 WCIT) constitute an opportunity for some nations to increase intergovernmental control over the Internet, and how effectively are NTIA and other government agencies (such as the State Department) working to counteract that threat?
Industry watchers speculated that NTIA recognized that some broadband service providers would put up a time-consuming fight to prevent relinquishing data that the providers would view as proprietary.
In awarding those grants, the NTIA and RUS are supposed to determine a list of priority uses, such as whether a grant will increase the affordability of, and subscribership to, service to the greatest population of users in the area; or provide the greatest broadband speed possible to the greatest population of users in the area; or enhance service for health care delivery; or education for children to the greatest population of users in the area.
DHS submitted and OMB, in consultation with NTIA, reviewed and approved this original transfer request.
Funded by a Tele-communications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program (TIIAP) grant from the NTIA, Plugged In (www.pluggedin.org.) provides computer training on the school's campus as well as additional computer services.
The report, NTIA Telecom 2000: Charting the Course for a New Century, analyzes significant trends and developments in 17 separate areas and presents both domestic and international policy recommendations.
In addition to these capabilities, Aviat has the only NTIA certified 4.7GHz all-indoor radio solution.
In response to the FCC changes, the NTIA updated Section 7.23 of the NTIA Manual, "Federal Government Agencies as End Users of FCC Licensed Commercial Services," to allow federal agency use of both industrial and consumer signal boosters.
The NTIA asked for submission on the possibility of using a 4G LTE network as the basis for a new communications system for emergency response services.
The FCC and the NTIA have requested assistance from Congress to carry out their recommendations.
In addition to the 2019 Event incorporating the first ever CATO Awards stream, the National Travel Industry Awards (NTIA) also shone the spotlight on a number of CATO member businesses who were named as Australia's best in their respective categories.