NTICUNeuro-Trauma Intensive Care Unit (hospital unit)
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This 13-month study showed that the RNs in this NTICU could understand and use the pupillometer regularly showing that use of the pupillometer in the NTICU was feasible and practical.
In the NTICU, where nurses are highly experienced in evaluating pupil size, symmetry, and reaction using the standard flashlight method, an automated device may add a limited incremental value unless reactivity can be shown to be a quantitatively valuable clinical variable.
We developed and implemented a quality improvement project to pilot the use of the pupillometer in an NTICU during a 13-month period and assessed nursing satisfaction and knowledge retention.
I think the pupillometer is 8.9 1.41 10 a useful tool in the NTICU. The pupillometer is easy 8.7 2.3 10 to use.
Patients were prospectively monitored during the transport from the NTICU for diagnostic testing.
The NTICU transport protocol required that NTICU personnel accompany the patient during intrahospital transport.
The ICP increased to 19-20 mm Hg during preparation for transport, arrival in the CT scan and during transport back to the NTICU. Upon arrival on the unit, the ICP was below baseline levels at 15 mm Hg.
Patients who experienced mishaps were away from the NTICU 50% longer than those without mishaps (Table 2).