NTIESNational Treatment Improvement Evaluation Study
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The study used data collected as part of the NTIES, a prospective substance abuse treatment effectiveness study of programs serving vulnerable and underserved populations, including minorities, pregnant women, youths, public housing residents, welfare recipients, and those involved in the criminal justice system (Gerstein et al., 1997).The study was designed to evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of the specialty substance abuse service systems in major metropohtan areas in the United States and was funded through the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT).
NTIES investigators reported that the sample is largely comparable (for example, in terms of distribution by gender, education level, prior treatment experience, criminal justice referrals) with other large-scale treatment follow-up studies, except that the NTIES sample contains higher proportions of black and Latino clients (Gerstein et al., 1997).
The NTIES data set represents one of the most extensive data sets available to examine the treatment and service components related to successful substance abuse treatment outcomes.
NTIES data include prospective data on organizational, service, and individual client characteristics and, as such, provide the opportunity to examine the relation among specific service delivery characteristics like client need-service matching and treatment outcome while controlling for client and organizational variables.
Control variables were included that were theoretically and empirically significant in previous research using the NTIES data set (Marsh et al., 2004).
Second, to account for potential correlation within service delivery units, a risk in multilevel data sets like NTIES, an exchangeable covariance structure was assumed among clients within the same service delivery organization.
Both the strengths and limitations of this study derive from the NTIES data set.
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