NTISRNon-Traditional Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (US DoD)
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Rather than requiring dedicated assets, the C-208 is a suitable NTISR platform due to its low operating cost, its prevalence in the Afghan air force, and its low visual and aural signatures.
In May 2014, C-208 and C-130 crews executed airlift and NTISR missions in support of humanitarian relief operations after a mudslide in the province.
these issues with NTISR. Despite its flaws, NTISR is an overlooked and
As a case study, NTISR forces the Air Force to reevaluate its
Supporting assets included an AWT, the Shadow UAV, a pair of NTISR Fl6s, the division's Sky Warrior UAV, and an armed MQ-1 Predator (as with the defensive phase, not all of these supporting assets were airborne simultaneously throughout the offense).
With not enough MQ-1s, data-link frequencies, and GCS-controlled orbits to go around, the conventional ground units are often left with their organic UAs or fixed-wing NTISR, which may or may not have ROVER downlink and is often not the ideal platform for the tactical situation.
With the ATFLIR no longer inventorying, my NTISR capabilities degraded to using my Mark 1, mod 0 eyeballs and night vision goggles.
The answer: NTISR. (10) A decade later, the concept still describes any sensor (one not primarily used for ISR) employed as part of an integrated collection plan developed at the operational level for preplanned, on-call, ad hoc, and/or opportune collection.
We complied, and I detached my wingman at 13,000 feet to begin his NTISR and AO.
Under current doctrine, no CAS fighter/ bomber asset has a mission set/role for NTISR. Capabilities of the new targeting pod linked with ROVER have not added a new role for which the fighter/bomber community trains in the ISR arena, but everyone knows that the capabilities exist.
On a smaller scale, fighter crews conducted nontraditional intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (NTISR) missions on behalf of ground commanders.