NTIVNew Technologies in Very Long Baseline Interferometry (astrophysics conference)
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* "hey man can you or your teacher teach us ntiv?" (Q14)
(34) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQe6hz00-8g Posted description: "Suab Qeej Hmoob, Ntiv qeej xub rug, qeej taug nyuj neev, Hmoob keeb kwm, Hmong Thai history, documentary [clib]by William Geddes, Australia, University of Sidney [sic]." Posted 30 January 2012.
"Uber den Begriff NTIV in der Musikterminologie der Hmong in Nordthailand und Laos" ("On the Concept NTIV in the Musical Terminology of the Hmong in Northern Thailand and Laos").