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NTLMNT LAN Manager (Microsoft Windows)
NTLMNt Lan Manager
NTLMNew Technology LAN (Local Area Network) Manager
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The issuer could present me with a login page--but since I am already providing my NTLM authentication in my HTTP request it authenticates my identity against my corporate ID, bypasses the login, and grabs any relevant attributes or properties.
For example, disabling the Windows LANMANAGER authentication mechanism will ensure that only the more secure and stronger encryption implementation found in NTLM is used.
AUTHENTICATION OPTIONS: Built-in database, LDAP, RADIUS, Windows (NTLM) domain, PKI, 802.1x, MAC addresses
It provides all relevant information sources and applications through a Web-based interface and supports all leading security authentication schemes, including NTLM, NIS, LDAP, ADS and NDS.
It supports many different authentication schemes, including LDAP, NT LanManager (NTLM), NIS, ADS, and NDS, and is also integrated into the company's line of enterprise connectivity applications such as the Exceed PC X server and Maestro host access software, giving Hummingbird a leg up on integrating legacy data.
"Microsoft's call for 'freedom to innovate' would be a lot more credible if they published full interoperability documentation for things like the Word file format, the SMB file-sharing service, NTLM [NT LAN Manager] and the Exchange wire protocol," he writes.
Other enhancements include additional support for more file types and formats, support for multiple browsers and clients using MIME file formats, file attachment and secure TLS support for instant messaging, as well as enhancements to the solution's security features (including NTLM and TSL enhancements for SMTP and SSL enhancements for XMPP).
Nevertheless the list of what's not available under WISE is extensive and these are just some of the most important: Active Directory, ActiveX Data Objects, COM/DCOM, COM+, OLE, COMGDI (post NT 4.0), Printing (post NT 4.0), ODBC, OLE DB, DirectX, Security (NTLM, Kerberos, Public Key Infrastructure, Directory Services and Distributed Security), Multimedia (post NT 4.0), Active Server Pages (ASP), NetDDE Remote Access Service (RAS), Telephony API, Windows Networking License Service API, and WBEM.
Version 3 adds new security features, which include SSL and NTLM compatibility to be able to monitor secure Web pages.
Mobilizer supports all standard authentication modes including: Basic, forms, Windows NTLM, and Kerberos.
Organizations should demand that portal offerings deliver the benefit of single sign-on (access to all applications and information on a per-user security profile via one password), user authentication (based on existing security profile--LDAP, NDS, ADS, NTLM and other industry-standard security models), data encryption, and other security functions that protect the integrity of applications and information.
London, United Kingdom, February 24, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Version 1.7 features support for the Microsoft SharePoint Cloud using a special version of the SMEStorage WebDav connector which supports SharePoint installations, with WebDav turned on, using Basic or NTLM authentication.