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NTMNew Tribes Mission
NTMNational Taiwan Museum (est. 1908)
NTMNotice To Mariners
NTMNational Theater Mannheim (Manheim, Germany)
NTMNext Top Model
NTMNotice To Move (US DoD)
NTMNontuberculous Mycobacteria
NTMNetwork Time Machine
NTMNo Truncate Mode
NTMNetwork Transaction Manager
NTMNotice to Members (NASD)
NTMNot To Mention
NTMNational Technical Means (formerly National Assets)
NTMNon-Tariff Measures
NTMNique Ta Mère
NTMNeighborhood Traffic Management (various locations)
NTMNot Too Much
NTMNew to Me (chat slang)
NTMNext Twelve Months (financial/banking industry)
NTMNATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Training Mission (various locations)
NTMNetwork Traffic Management
NTMNational Town Meeting (various organizations)
NTMNon-Deterministic Turing Machine (Informatics)
NTMNational Transport Model (Department of Transport; UK)
NTMNational Translation Mission (India)
NTMNissan Technology Magazine (Japan)
NTMNon-Traditional Mortgage (finance)
NTMNo Truncate Mode (Cisco)
NTMNetworking Territory Manager (Intel)
NTMNo Target Model
NTMNon Tobacco Material
NTMNon-Tactical Message
NTMNon-Transparent Mode
NTMNet Ton Mile
NTMNaval Technical Means
NTMNytron Microsystems
NTMNetwork Transaction Management (Sprint)
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We reviewed all cases of nonspinal NTM musculoskeletal infection treated at the University of Colorado Hospital (UCH; Aurora, CO, USA) over a 6-year period by a multidisciplinary team of providers at UCH and National Jewish Health (NJH; Denver, CO, USA), a renowned center for mycobacterial research and treatment that receives referrals for difficult-to-treat NTM infections from across the United States.
The mortality risk was 43% higher among NTM-infected patients than in COPD patients without an NTM diagnosis (95% confidence interval, 1.31-1.58; P less than .001), independent of other comorbidities.
In 2012, Metrobank Foundation was invited to share the NTM initiative at the 2012 UNESCO World Teachers Day celebration in Paris, France.
"The rapidly growing number of NTM infections has occurred during a time when inhaled steroid use has increased, and we wanted to see if there was a potential connection," said Dr.
" Since its inception in 2008, the NTM was able to achieve the following: (1) support from the State (2) involvement of more partners in the government and private sectors with a total of 532 initiatives enrolled in the NTM Calendar of Activities from 2012 to 2014 and an annual increase of participating organizations since 2008 (3) Significant mileage in print, broadcast and online with a pecuniary value of P600 million from 2012 to 2015 (4) significant Facebook engagement of the general public with a reach of 720,000 in 2015 and (5) Two (2) invitations to UNESCO Paris for World Teachers Day celebration and an endorsement from UNESCO Philippines to participate in the prestigious Hamdan Prize for Education.
During 2014-2016, a total of 134 extrapulmonary NTM cases were reported in Oregon (11 per 1 million persons per year).
Original research articles investigating the presence of NTM in bovine milk samples published in English over the last 20 years were searched using Google scholar and Scopus (Table 1).
In epidemiological studies on NTM in the United States, the incidence of NTM in patients with RA was 19.2 per 105 patient-years.
"NTM infection is a rare and debilitating pulmonary disease associated with increased morbidity and mortality.
The TBc identification (TBc ID) is a device which is also used for the differentiation of NTM and MTB.
The strains negative for MTB complex were confirmed as NTM by negative niacin accumulation test, growth on paranitrobenzoic acid (PNB) incorporated LJ media, positive catalase test and a negative result of a ribosomal RNA based DNA hybridization assay for Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (Accuprobe[R] System Gen-Probe Inc., San Diego, CA, USA).