NTM-ANATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Training Mission-Afghanistan
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A statement from ISAF said NTM-A was working with the Ministry of Interior to improve processes along the fuel supply chain by identifying, analysing and resolving differences between the quantities ordered and delivered.
In order to assist in this effort, NTM-A began using a detailed database in April 2012 to track fuel orders and deliveries.
NTM-A supports the overall mission of building Afghan capacity by producing the forces required to provide security and stability for the population, and to safeguard the nation's borders.
This increase in quality has stemmed from many programs set into place when NTM-A was activated.
NTM-A has set a goal of 16.8 percent attrition per year or less (or 1.4 percent each month).
Other Supply Corps officers within NTM-A include Lt.
The NTM-A's contribution is to form these relationships with provincial governors, Afghan government financial representatives, members of the ANP and ANA, banking executives, and members from the United States Embassy in Kabul.
Service members from NTM-A, senior representatives from the bank and, on occasion, members from the State Department makes the initial trip to promote bank expansion.
"The other thing we're doing from NTM-A in Kandahar as part of the COIN
To cover this increase in manning, the CY 2010 NATO NTM-A Common Fund was increased to $5 million.
NTM-A supported the strategy to address corruption in the MoI and MoD and support ISAF anti-corruption efforts which include pay by phone, electronic funds transfer, mobile anti-corruption teams, and establishment of an ANSF biometrics program.
NTM-A is an Army dominated Command and my ability to speak and understand the Army lingo has definitely made for a more beneficial tour," he said.