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NTNN-Terminal Nucleophile
NTNNever Trust Nanners (gaming)
NTNNew Technology Network
NTNNational Transition Network
NTNNetwork to Network
NTNNeutralized Twisted Nematic
NTNNew Technology Network (Japan)
NTNNational Tax Number (Pakistan)
NTNNarrative Television Network
NTNNational Trends Network
NTNNational Tenant Network
NTNNational Trivia Network
NTNNetwork Terminal Number
NTNNetwork to Network interface
NTNNo Talent Necessary (band)
NTNNational Telecommunications Network
NTNNational Transmission Network (Australia)
NTNNational Transportation Network (Phoenix, AZ)
NTNNational Test Network
NTNNo Thanks Needed (email)
NTNNetwork Termination Number
NTNNiwa, Tomoe, Nishizono (Japan)
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The nonaccelerated NTN model is a widely used model of acute GN, but no characterisation of the chronic progression of the disease is thoroughly described in mice.
One e-mail address is required for getting one NTN, he said.
The NTN-based verification was not fully transparent as numerous NTN numbers were missing from the active taxpayers list because the CNIC was made NTN at least for salaried persons.
NTN Buzztime is a leading bar and restaurant social entertainment and integrated marketing platform.
In addition to main shaft bearings, one of the key components that make up a wind turbine, NTN develops and supplies all bearings used in components such as reducers, gearboxes and power generators.
In NTN's sunlight-drenched loft office in New York's SoHo, producer Sarah Frank discusses topics with NBCNews.com supervising producer Win Rosenfeld.
" Those who can pay taxes should obtain NTN. Legislators should also obtain NTN.
The new NTN Trimmer-Combiner sees Maer's range of 'logs neck to neck' trimmers separate the bottles, before they are transferred from a BTU (bottle transfer unit) to an up-righter system, which takes the two bottles positioned horizontally and sets them in a vertical position.
UM, which handles an impressive list of local and international clients in the region is currently developing NTN as a communications solution to help deliver winning strategies to their clients across the region.
The idea of NTN is to recognize a dynamic market landscape where the present and the future are morphed, and where the relationship between brands, people and information is constantly being updated." "A global model of communications planning based on the concept of 'Curiosity' enables UM planners to ask questions, expand horizons and deliver true NTN solutions by generating genuine insights about the brand, the market, and the media.
NTN, which completed the acquisition Thursday, said it plans to raise its stake in IFA-Antriebstechnik to some 80 percent over the next few years.
The Carlsbad, Calif.-based NTN operates Buzztime Entertainment, a developer of interactive television (iTV) sports and trivia contests, as well as the NTN Network, which provides for the delivery of Buzztime's content both to individual's homes as well as public places such as sports bars and restaurants.