NTNINational Trust Northern Ireland (Warrington, Cheshire, England, UK)
NTNINorthbrook Technology of Northern Ireland, Ltd. (now Allstate Northern Ireland)
NTNINation to Nation International (Joplin, MO)
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The IAIS has stated that G-SIIs are most likely to take the form of a group and NTNI are often carried out by separate entities within a group and/or the group may have significant interconnections to other parts of the financial system.
There will be a higher loss absorbency required for NTNI activities, but it will be on a sliding scale of percentage increases that rises the more interconnected an insurer is, Sharma said.
About the relationship, Bro McFerran, NTNI Managing Director, said "Several members of our staff have been supporting TIG products in Europe with satisfied customers in U.
Ed Ossie, Chief Operating Officer of TiG's Technology Solutions Division said "We have been working informally with NTNI for over 2 years with clear cut success.