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NTNUNorges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
NTNUNational Taiwan Normal University
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The immigration ruling affects three post-graduate students at NTNU, including Hamideh, and the university has lodged an appeal on their behalf.
We think the Department of Immigration decision is baseless and wrong," Jostein Mardalen, head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at NTNU, told the BBC.
There are around 200 Iranians studying at NTNU and hundreds more at other institutions across the country.
The NTNU study was a triple blind test, which means that neither patients nor doctors nor those who analyzed the results knew whether the patients had been given placebo or real medicine, Stovner said.
From NTNU there will be no further comment until the board has concluded on November 12th," Dahl said.
TRONDHEIM, Norway -- Bruker has installed two nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers for metabolic profiling at the new MR Metabolomics Laboratory at the NTNU hospital campus in Trondheim.
To help realize the vision of enhancing patient diagnostics and treatment, NTNU has partnered with Bruker, the world's leading provider of NMR spectroscopy instrumentation.
By combining bioinformatics and medical expertise with advanced metabolomics technology, NTNU is at the forefront of developing innovative diagnostic tools for the future," said Dr.
The NTNU MR Metabolomics Laboratory will be headed by Professor Ingrid S.
In addition, Siri Hatlen serves as Member of the Board in NTNU (University of Technology and Science), OSL (Oslo Airport, Gardermoen), RIT 2000 (New regional hospital project in mid-Norway) and Det Norske Teater.