NTORSNational Treatment Outcome Research Study (UK)
NTORSNaval Torpedo Station (US Navy)
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Similarly, studies such as NTORS reported that 60% of patients relapsed within 90 days after treatment.
As noted above, the cost estimate is based on two extrapolatory assumptions, based on the NTORS sample.
So it is likely that the people who entered treatment in NTORS had, on average, more severe drug-related problems (including offending) than the whole group of people who have used crack or heroin in the year.
A final challenge to the use of the NTORS sample as a basis for the estimation of total-drug-related crime comes from the distribution of the frequency of offending in this group.
The costs of additional treatment were estimated using the data from the NTORS study.
Overall costs from these studies were generally below those from the NTORS study.