NTOSNational Theatre of Scotland (est. 2004; UK)
NTOSNational Tourism Organization of Serbia
NTOSNeurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
NTOSNorth Tampa Outpatient Surgical (Florida)
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But she believes there is no more money--"we got that message very clearly"--and that if NZNO members reject the NTOS in ratification meetings to be held from March 16-26, there is no certainty any better deal would be achieved in separate MECA negotiations.
If members of one of the three unions reject the proposed NTOS, they will not proceed, and each union will revert to separate negotiations.
Perhaps members understood the actual NTOS would be subject to ratification and, if there was a problem, they could vote against them.
If a majority of members from the three unions vote to accept the alternative strategy, the NTOS will then be developed in the Last two weeks of this month.
If members vote for a NTOS, they need to realise it is an alternative approach.
The NTOS would not address all the issues identified in NZNO's "My MECA Survey" and, because the NTOS would include a limited number of issues, the process of developing it would be much quicker than the usual MECA) negotiations.
Alexander stressed NZNO would not be bound by the NTOS beyond its expiry date.
Once the NTOS is developed, all union members will have the opportunity to vote to accept or reject it, with each union having its own ratification process.