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NTPNormal Temperature & Pressure
NTPNetwork Time Protocol
NTPNational Toxicology Program (NIEHS)
NTPNotice To Proceed
NTPNational Tuberculosis Programme (WHO)
NTPNucleotide Triphosphate
NTPNortriptyline (tranquilizer and tricyclic antidepressant)
NTPNetwork Termination Point
NTPNew Telecom Policy (India)
NTPNot the Point
NTPNational Trade Productions (Alexandria, VA)
NTPNarcotic Treatment Program
NTPNeuronal Thread Protein
NTPNational Toxicity Program
NTPNational Toxicity Program (NIH)
NTPNational Transportation Program
NTPName The Picture (website)
NTPNothing to Prove (band)
NTPNo Te Preocupes (Spanish: don't worry)
NTPNavy Training Plan
NTPNational Talent Pool (Pakistan government)
NTPNeed to Pee (also seen as N2P)
NTPNo Tengo Palabras (Spanish)
NTPNumerical Tokamak Project
NTPNational Tapered Pipe
NTPNaval Telecommunications Procedure
NTPNational Training Plan
NTPNurse Transition Program
NTPNetwork Topology Processor
NTPNaval Tactical Publication
NTPNational Tasking Plan
NTPNice Try Partner (bridge card game)
NTPNone Too Pretty
NTPNearest to Pin (golf)
NTPNaval Threat Product
NTPNavy Technological Projection
NTPNavy Technology Projections
NTPNontobacco Premium (insurance)
NTPNaval Training Program
NTPNavigation & Targeting Pod
NTPNavy Tactical Program
NTPNatural Therapy Pages (resource; Australia)
NTPNational Training Programme (various organizations)
NTPNorthern Territory Police (Australia)
NTPNew-Tech Products GmbH (Germany)
NTPNational Training Program (various organizations)
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The NTP Electronic Library stores research data, documents, and other information for NTP studies.
At best, what NTP can say is that significantly high doses of this particular Shanghai Chinese ginkgo extract--when added to a corn-oil base--produced cancer in the lab animals," added Mr.
NTP's data preparation of HQPs and provision of right man for the right job of afore mentioned subjects to public and private sector host organizations free of cost by the NTP within the country and abroad, is the need of the hour which would go a long way for the socio-economic uplift of the country.
water fluoridation, prompting Congress to request the NTP animal tests.
In other cases, the rodent species and strains currently used in NTP chronic bioassays (F344/N rat and B6C3F1/N mouse) are suspected to be poor models because they either do not develop a specific type of tumor or have a high spontaneous tumor incidence.
Our primary focus at NTP is to provide our customers with the highest quality, most comprehensive products and solutions available, so the inclusion of DPF and EGR protection into our product line is a logical extension for us," said Robert S.
Further, trend tests such as the NTP trend test, the trend test developed by Peddada et al.
With this in mind and in an effort to improve overall customer satisfaction, we have set a goal of providing NTP warranty coverage on every used truck we sell throughout our business", said Scott Blevins Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer for WEE.
During the 1970s and 1980s, a number of scientists left their positions in the Biology Division of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the laboratories of the NIEHS and the NTP (established in 1969 and 1978, respectively).
OSCC also includes NTP Software's Right-Click data movement technology which enables end-users to move one or more files on demand.
The NTP is administratively housed at the NIEHS, and David Schwartz serves as the director of both the NTP and the NIEHS.
NTP), North America's leading independent provider of extended service contracts to the trucking industry, today announced that the company signed a partnership agreement with Lonestar Truck Group to exclusively offer NTP extended service contracts to its customers.