NTPACNortheast Technology and Product Assessment Committee (Worcester, MA)
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This model for information sharing has been very promising, and the National Institute of Justice has dedicated funding to help support the work of NTPAC.
In addition, by using the NTPAC model, more states will band together, either formally or informally, to review technology together and share information and experiences.
At NTPAC meetings, vendors speak to a roomful of the right people.
NTPAC also looks at technologies that are still being developed, and vendors can benefit from the committee's experience and input.
Turner, chairman of the American Correctional Association's Corrections Technology Committee, wants his committee to work closely with groups such as NTPAC to share ideas and experiences--one of the Technology Committee's main initiatives, according to the August 2001 Corrections Today article, "Corrections Technology Committee: A Valuable Resource for Practitioners.
NTPAC also provides an opportunity to establish technology test beds.
That is exactly what NTPAC allows by presenting a venue for information-sharing that can lead to the selection of the most effective and suitable available technology and the development of even better technologies in the future.