NTPENorthern Territory Pidgin English (Australia)
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Essential funding criteria apply to the provision of NTPE and it is only available for children and adults in their own home or adults in residential care if they are under the age of 65.
The draft was reviewed by two colleagues with experience in night-time positioning as well as a client who had been issued NTPE after March 2012.
One referral was deemed inappropriate since no NTPE was issued.
Of those, NTPE was used on the bed by eight clients, the bed and/or floor or chair by three, while two clients used the NTPE on the floor only.
The use of NTPE also resulted in improvement or significant improvement in spasms in 62% of cases.
This result is offset by two clients who reported their comfort was worse with NTPE in place.
The older age distribution in the NTPE group might have been due to the aetiological conditions in this group, which are more common in older individuals.
Demographic characteristics and aetiological classification of pleural effusion Aetiology Frequency, n Sub-class (n) TPE 133 TPE-I (75) * TPE-II (58) * NTPE 26 Neoplastic (13) Parapneumonic (7) Others (6) Aetiology Age (years) Gender (n) mean ([+ or -] SD) TPE 33.
To determine (i) the positive predictive value (PPV) of high FADA test results for PTB; (ii) the most common causes of FPs and the demographic characteristics of tuberculous pleural effusions (TPEs) and non-tuberculous pleural effusions (NTPEs); (iii) the frequency of TPEs in HIV-positive and HIV-negative patients with pleural effusions; and (iv) the FADA levels in TPEs and NTPEs and in HIV-positive and -negative patients.
14] The final diagnosis was classified into two broad groups of TPEs and NTPEs, with sub-classifications as follows:
In contrast, pleural IFN-[gamma] was less specific, probably due to the different types of patients NTPE included in the control group, which contained malignant effusions and parapneumonic exudates, transudates and miscellaneous exudates.
These findings correlate with our results where similar serum IFN-[gamma] concentrations were found in both the TPE and NTPE groups.