NTPFNational Treatment Purchase Fund (Ireland)
NTPFNon Timber Forest Products
NTPFNear-Term Pre-Positioning Force
NTPFNumber of Terminals Per Failure
NTPFNorges Traktor Pulling Forbund (Norwegian: Norges Tractor Pulling Association)
NTPFNetwork for Thai Pro Football
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"The time for grand plans, staged strategies and PR launches is over, what we need now is action." Last night the HSE said in a statement: "The most recent NTPF figures published in July confirm the number of patients waiting for inpatient/daycase procedures continues to decrease, down by a further 582 since the end of May.
Interviews with women confirmed that they prefer harvesting NTPFs and swidden agriculture to practicing permanent field agriculture.
Data from the National Treatment Purchase Fund NTPF was also provided via the PMU.
Third-party certification and the SF1 program are now serving as a primary vehicle for these firms to regain public confidence in how they manage their own forestland s as well as the increasingly strategic NTPFs.
NTPF will also continue their already high engagement in remote communities including in schools and work to strengthen these relationships.
The only way I can see the NTPF making the sort of savings required is by decreasing the volume of patients it sees." Critics have accused the NTPF of cherry-picking easy cases for speedy treatment.
The NTPF said no public patient should be waiting longer than three months for a colonoscopy.
The Government, through the National Treatment Purchase Fund (NTPF) set up in 2002 to pay for public patients in private hospitals, will have spent a staggering EUR216 million by December 2006.
The hse in conjunction with the ntpf (national treatment purchase fund) wishes to invite private healthcare service providers (hereafter "service providers") to tender for the provision of outpatient care package services in relation to this invitation.
Earlier this year, the NTPF and Crumlin clashed after the treatment fund claimed that the hospital was not fully engaging with it in the process of clearing waiting lists.