NTRMNIST Traceable Reference Materials
NTRMNitrogen Tillage-Residue Management
NTRMNon Tobacco Related Material
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At 1 week after surgery, the NTRM in male patients was significantly higher, and at this point metoprolol had no significant effect in either sex.
BOC's involvement with NIST in the initial development of the highly successful NTRM program was touted by a number of NIST personnel as a strong factor in BOC's favor," said King.
The technical evaluation team at NIST was comprised of their key SRM project managers and senior level chemists who, in their appraisal summary, stated, 'Production plans, past experience with BOC/Airco and BOC's NTRM history prove that BOC has the superior facilities and instrumentation needed to provide gas mixtures for SRMs.