NTRONational Terrorism Response Objective
NTRONational Technical Research Organization (India)
NTRONational Trade Registry Office (Romania)
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The NTRO has been quite active in tracking the communication of terror operatives across the border and the effort has been enhanced in wake of the intelligence inputs that a number of small groups of terrorists have been sitting along the Line of Control ( LoC) at many locations, the sources said.
Sources said the presence of terrorists in some of the locations along the LoC has also been picked up by the NTRO and the technical intelligence gathering capabilities have been strengthened by the agency there.
Recently in the Sukma ambush, where 14 CRPF men were lost, the force complained to the MHA that the NTRO pulled out the UAV right when the encounter began.
The NTRO has barely two set of people at the best of times.
Asked about the CRPFeIUs allegations, Air Vice Marshal Arvind Verma, who is sthe chief of UAV operations of NTRO, said, eIu You should speak to the right authority.
Another major operational handicap the CRPF faces is that the machines, though owned by the NTRO, are operated by the IAF men on deputation and controlled by an Air Vice- Marshal.
A regular UAV, like the Israeli Heron that is available with the three defence forces as well as NTRO, is an unarmed asset
But the reason for this was mundane-- the fledgling NTRO welcomed the CMS into its fold, because the latter brought along a " dowry" in the form of enormous tracts of land on which their monitoring sites were located.
However, a secret NTRO note goes on to say that, " the interception system can also lend itself to a target- based mode of operation provided designated information on the target such as location, whether moving or stationary, International Mobile Subscriber Identifier/ TMSI Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity/ International Mobile Equipment Identity of the target cell phone or other parameters of the target are given.
V, a shareholder of NTRO, as a marketing budget to manage a comprehensive investor awareness program including the creation and distribution of this report as well as other investor relations efforts.
InputAccel will allow NTRO to speed business processes, better serve Romanian citizens and significantly reduce the amount of manual intervention needed to process paper documents.
Improving access to NTRO services : NTRO users will be able to access key business information online 24/7 through a web portal, rather than travelling in person to make data