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According to NTRR, it has been conducting due diligence toward a possible agreement with Second Wave since both companies inked a letter of intent in July 2013.
The transaction will enable NTRR to strengthen its positions in the field of smoke-free delivery systems and accessories, the buyer said in a press release.
This new office and position will allow NTRR to pursue the business it needs need to compete in this industry.
Now, the joint venture is leveraging contacts that NTRR made at last month's 2014 Marijuana Business Conference & Expo in Las Vegas to strike a potential deal to outfit Contain A Grow pods with the very latest in indoor lighting and drying systems.
Upon completion of testing and analysis, NTRR said it will begin plans for the retail launch of Pure Plus.
Today, nearly everyone understands that alcohol addiction is not simply a poor lifestyle choice, but a powerful disease that can swallow people whole," said NTRR CEO Michael-Shane Henderson.
5 June 2013 - US wellness company Neutra Corp (OTCBB:NTRR), or NTRR, on Wednesday said its medical marijuana unit Cannabis Technologies Inc had set up a joint venture with domestic Field of View Technologies LLC aimed at the marketing and development of innovative cannabis delivery systems.
NTRR is currently recruiting volunteers to test the effectiveness of its new formula and clinical trials are scheduled to begin in the next few weeks.
Traditional rehabilitation and treatment alone simply aren't getting the results that people demand in the battle against addiction," said NTRR CEO Michael-Shane Henderson.
As the company's new Pure Plus Weight Loss supplement undergoes its initial round of testing on its original formula, NTRR has chosen to add raspberry ketone and African mango.
Anyone whose life has been touched by addiction knows that it is a deadly serious problem affecting millions that can't simply be legislated, talked or prayed away," said NTRR CEO Michael-Shane Henderson.
Through the addition of both ingredients to the company's weight-loss formula, NTRR plans to produce a supplement to boost the effectiveness of both ingredients by infusing them with Bio-Energy.