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Earlier this week, the company announced that it's begun shortlisting promising business targets in the medical technology space capable of helping to deliver the effective new treatments NTRR is looking for.
After shortlisting businesses and researchers that can help NTRR achieve its goals in the marketplace, the company plans to acquire or partner with the organizations nearest to the cutting edge of addiction science.
NTRR plans to market a new holistic medical approach to block addiction cravings.
With help from others, NTRR plans to help deliver to market a holistic approach to eliminate cravings.
With help from others, NTRR plans to develop and market a holistic approach to eliminate addiction cravings without the use of medications, which can have harmful side effects.
Acai-berry supplements could be just the product that NTRR is looking for to help the company expand its presence in a nutraceuticals industry forecast to grow to $90 billion by 2015.
Consumers are actively demanding nutritious supplements as health concerns grow amongst our aging population here in the States," said NTRR CEO Michael-Shane Henderson.
We want to deliver a male enhancement supplement with the best chance of success that we possibly can," said NTRR CEO Michael-Shane Henderson.
The two formulas we'll be testing contain all-natural ingredients intended to increase sex drive, boost testosterone levels, support prostate health and improve circulation," said NTRR President Michael-Shane Henderson.
As with its other product offerings under development, NTRR will also study how Bio-energy infusion could significantly boost the supplements potency naturally.
The NTRR formula includes a bio-energy infusion that enhances and turbocharges the effectiveness of the ingredients.
We're very excited about the potential of our new formulas to dramatically support the body's immune system , and I'm pleased to say that our development schedule for this product is proceeding as planned," said NTRR CEO Cindy Morrissey.