NTRTNew Term Rapid Turnaround (information management system; Veterans Administration; US DoD)
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In 2010, available P under the NTRT and NTCT treatments was significantly higher than under the CT treatment.
Significant differences were observed between the CT treatment and the two other treatment groups in the 0-10 cm soil layer, with soil bulk density being 19% and 20% higher under NTCT and NTRT compared with CT treatment respectively (Fig.
The mean maize yield of the NTCT and NTRT treatments was 10.
The mean SOM content under NTCT treatment in the entire 0-30 cm soil layer was 30% higher than that under NTRT treatment (Table 1).
t] in the 0-10 cm layer was directly related to the reduced tillage in the NTCT and NTRT treatments.
2012) demonstrated that a long-term NTCT system significantly increased macroaggregates, the infiltration rate and soil moisture and reduced soil compaction in different layers compared with NTRT and CR systems.