NTRUNative Title Research Unit (AIATSIS)
NTRUNorthern Territory Rugby Union (Australia)
NTRUNumber Theorists R Us
NTRUN-Th Degree Truncated Polynomial Ring
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Majeed, "An improved NTRU Cryptosystem via Commutative Quaternions Algebra," Int'l Conf.
In LTSC-128, the mathematical operations and vector representation of SVP in lattice space was inspired by NTRU public-key cryptosystem, where the vectors are represented by polynomials for efficiency purposes as will discuss later in this document.
The NTRU lattice associated to h and q is [[lambda].
Dr Lisa Strelein, Director of the NTRU and Research Program, continued research into Native Title jurisprudence and completed the second edition of her legal text Compromised Jurisprudence, with publication due around November 2009.
Cousins, "A Scalable Implementation of Fully Homomorphic Encryption Built on NTRU," LNCS, vol.
i]) times, while the execution times of NTRU algorithm in our scheme is constant as n + 1.
A NTRU Based Key Generation and Data Transmission Scheme for Sensor Networks," Journal of Computational Information Systems, vol.
Ms Bauman is a member of the NTRU team working on the Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBC) research project.
suggested that NTRU cryptosystem [4, 5, 6] can be adopted for encryption communication and authentication due to its high efficiency [7, 8].
In April 2007, she convened the first national meeting of Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs), following which she published a report on the meeting with Ms Tran Tran, and has convened follow-up meetings of Government representatives involved in the workshop as part of a broader NTRU PBC research project.
Dr Strelein is involved in two NTRU research projects: prescribed bodies corporate (PBCs); and taxation, trusts and the distribution of benefits.
Ms Weir is involved in three NTRU research projects: prescribed bodies corporate (PBCs); native title and land and water management; and the Gunditjmara land justice story.