NTSNNew Targeting Social Need (book)
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No que tange as consequencias do trauma sobre o aprendizado em relacao aos estudantes do primeiro segmento do Ensino Fundamental (1 ao 5 ano), a NTSN nos adverte que estes educandos podem apresentar estresse, acompanhado por manifestacoes corporais, tais como: dores de estomago, dores de cabeca e dores em geral.
where NTSN is net earnings from nontourism services, Y is real income, which is proxied by the ratio of average real foreign income of the aforementioned countries to real income of Barbados, ARR is tourist arrivals to Barbados, RP is relative prices, IMP is merchandise imports, and DUM is a dummy variable representing the 1991-93 period when the government requested IMF assistance for BOP support and implemented measures to dampen aggregate demand in an effort to protect the BOP and Barbados' foreign reserves.