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NTSSNew Town Secondary School (Singapore)
NTSSNational Time-Sensitive System (US DoD)
NTSSNational Tuberculosis Surveillance System (US CDC)
NTSSNetwork Technical Support Specialist
NTSSNear Term Support Strategy
NTSSNetwork Time Synchronization System
NTSSNatural Total Soluble Solids
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This goal was achieved by using the established infrastructure of NTSS and TB genotyping, universally accessible to TB programs through NTGS, to capture 72% of all cases with culture-positive results over a 5-year period.
Contact: Martin Vines, Conference Chair, NTSS Plastics/Materials, Canada Revenue Agency, +1-514-496-6955;
The NTSS strategy aims to accelerate the growth of the tourism industry over 2010-2020 to realize tourism potential and make South Africa one of the top twenty global tourism destinations by 2020.
NTSS was used to determine the number of reported illnesses caused by M.