NTSTNot Transaction-Safe Tables
NTSTNational Transit Summaries and Trends (Federal Transit Administration; US DOT)
NTSTNetworking and Technical Support Training (Computer Technologies Program; Berkeley, CA)
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The "Babies'Portal" was the first website to include guidelines on the NTST.
This is an applied research based on the active development of a website with the purpose of providing information about the NTST.
The content of the website--designed for parents/ caregivers and health professionals--offers scientific information on tongue-tie and the NTST.
The NTST accomplishments by 1995-1996 (Smith 1993-1997) were the following:
In the spring of 1996, members of the NTST met in Dallas with telecommunications and software vendors about developing a nationwide service.
NTST Public Safety Subcommittee, composed of 14 experts in the fields of law enforcement and safety, drafted standards of excellence to identify best practices for travel safety in all industry segments.
NTST Public Relations Subcommittee worked with state tourism offices, convention and visitors bureaus, national and local government, and law enforcement agencies to draft a Model Community Safety Plan describing strategies and tactics for improving visitor safety in a city or geographic region.
NTST committed to working on solutions to tourism crime and to demonstrating that the solutions indeed are working and are changing negative media and individual perceptions about traveling in the United States.