NTTFCNational Trade and Transport Facilitation Committee (Ministry of Commerce - Pakistan)
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Government had set up 8 working groups for providing guidance on WTO related matters, he said, adding that Group on access of industrial products to markets was set up under ministry of industries and production, group on non tariff bottlenecks in non agricultural sectors under ministry of commerce, group on agriculture under ministry of food, group on trade facilitation under NTTFC, group on services under ministry of conference, group on laws under national tariff commission, group on environment under ministry of environment and group on elementary rules and regulations under FBR.
The exhibition is supported by BOI (Board of Investment - Government of Pakistan), EDB (Engineering Development Board), APSA (All Pakistan Shipping Association), NTTFC (National Trade and Transportation Facilitation Committee), FFFAI: India (Federation of Freight Forwarders' Association - India) , Pakistan Railways, IMMTA (International Multimodal Transport Association) ACAAP (Air Cargo Agents Association of Pakistan) and ICC - Pakistan (International Chamber of Commerce - Pakistan).
Technical Advisor, UNCTAD, Javaid Mansoor, Executive Secretary NTTFC, Amer Zafar Durrani, World Bank, Dr.