NTTFCNational Trade and Transport Facilitation Committee (Ministry of Commerce - Pakistan)
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NTTFC introduced in Pakistan Customs a standardized Goods Declaration form based on United Nations Layout Key (UNLK) to replace various forms in different shapes and sizes used for Customs clearance of imports and exports.
NTTFC got the necessary measures introduced in the Import Policy Order 2009 and has taken up the matter with Pakistan Customs for these measures to be implemented.
NTTFC supported PHDEC in creating awareness of Global Good Agricultural Practices (Global GAP), Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards (SPS) and Hazard and Critical Control Points (HACCP) for promotion of export of horticultural produce, and development of fruit processing, storage and cool chain system.
NTTFC supported introduction of International Ship and Port Facility Safety (ISPS) Code of International Maritime Organization (IMO) for implementation of security measures on ships and at port facilities.
To improve the professional standards of the freight forwarding industry in Pakistan NTTFC developed the following documents, which were adopted by Pakistan International Freight Forwarding Association (PIFFA):
NTTFC conducted workshops at Karachi and Lahore on internationally standardized Uniform Customs and Practices (UCP 500) for Documentary Credit to familiarize the banking officers and the trading community with the international practices for opening and negotiating the Letters of Credit.