NTTTNiet Toxische Tumor Therapie (Dutch: Non-Toxic Tumor Therapy)
NTTTNational Technology Transfer Team (Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement)
NTTTNaval Tactical Team Trainer (simulator; various locations)
NTTTNo Time To Talk
NTTTneural tissue tension test
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The coefficient on the ASC is significant and negative in the NTTT subsample, but not statistically different from zero in the TTT subsample.
Using only the estimated mean and standard deviations from model 1, we would predict that about 25% of the normal distribution for NTTT respondents, and 13% of the distribution for TTT respondents, would be positive.
WTP for all vaccine bundles is lower in the TTT subsample than in the NTTT subsample (first two columns of Table 8).