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NTUNational Taiwan University
NTUNottingham Trent University (UK)
NTUNanyang Technological University (Singapore)
NTUNational Taxpayers Union
NTUNephelometric Turbidity Unit
NTUNational Technological University (Ft Collins, CO, USA)
NTUNetwork Termination Unit
NTUNorthern Territory University (AU)
NTUNumber of Transfer Units
NTUNew Threat Upgrade
NTUNot Taken Up (business; offer not accepted)
NTUNetwork Terminal Unit
NTUNuclear Time Unit (3.53 x 10-19 seconds; length of time for a ray of light, traveling in a vacuum, to span the distance equal to the diameter of a hydrogen atom)
NTUNuclear Training Unit
NTUNatsionalna Telekompania Ukrainy (National Television Company of Ukraine)
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The project will involve a core team at NTU Singapore working together with Airbus Defence and Space in the UK and Airbus Group Innovations in Singapore.
Lee Wei Lim, an associate professor at Sunway University, Malaysia, who worked on the research project while he was a research fellow at NTU, said that deep brain stimulation brings multiple benefits.
Set to be a world-class skin research institute, we are proud to play a key role in this joint initiative to position Singapore as an international leader in skin research, education and treatment," said NTU Provost, Professor Freddy Boey.
The NTU database is designed to provide the maximum flexibility of search options (by name, tax year, or state), so users can find refunds (or those of relatives and friends) that may be in limbo.
According to the assumptions in this study, the entropy production for the flow imbalance and stream temperature difference between the hot and cold sides remains constant due to the fixed inlet conditions; thus, the dimension fraction of the cold side (c) and the NTU ratio (F) between the cold and hot sides may influence the entropy production for the heat exchanger.
NTU is also home to the internationallyacclaimed National Institute of Education, Singapore's only teacher-training institute.
NTU library is housed in a two-story building and holds a unique collection of almost 14,000 information resources in textile engineering and allied disciplines.
NTU is the only Asian university to have won the award for its work in helping the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) become a leading research institution.
With ATi's D15/76, suspended solids/turbidity measurements can be made from 0-4 NTU to 0-4000 NTU or 0-10 mg/L to 0-10,000 mg/L, eliminating the need for separate high and low range instruments.
NTU (accredited by the HLC) allows its students to assemble an engineering curriculum from courses offered at schools such as MIT and Vanderbilt, but they receive an NTU degree when they graduate.
Nevertheless, the NTU researcher stressed that, unlike adverse effects often associated with new drugs undergoing clinical trails, constant and moderate drinking could only promote overall health without any possible side effects.
When NTU first started tracking for BillTally in 1991, over the first nine months, members of the 102nd Congress introduced 57 bills that would reduce spending.