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NTUCNational Trades Union Congress
NTUCNepal Trade Union Congress
NTUCNational Technological University Corporation (National Technological University; Atlanta, GA)
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Trade unions, together with the NTUC, departed from the 'traditional adversarial unions and confrontational labour-management relations, with a shared conviction to strive for industrial peace with justice' (Singapore Tripatism Forum, 2014).
The NTUC works closely with the government and is seen as a training ground for future PAP politicians.
US financial services company Northern Trust (NASDAQ: NTRS) has said that it has been named global custodian to NTUC Income, a principal insurer based in Singapore.
However, their sample consists of only five insurers and does not include the market leader, NTUC Income, which had close to a 50 percent market share as of June 2000.
With its sales growing by 8% to 10% annually in its domestic market, NTUC FairPrice -- Singapore's leading retailer -- has decided that this is the right moment to secure its future growth prospects by expanding abroad.
The store opens next March and will be run by NTUC Fairprice -- Singapore's largest supermarket with 65 outlets.
The weakness lies in the fact that the ruling People's Action Party and the NTUC are so intertwined that a change in government is likely to have a great impact on the industrial relations system.
I am encouraged that NTUC Income is keen to develop a prolonged medical leave insurance product that will fulfil the work group's recommendations.
In addition, they will visit PSA, NUS Block 71, URA Singapore City Gallery and NTUC.
Today, provision shops have to compete against the likes of NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, and Carrefour, to name a few.
This was the origin of the symbiotic relationship between the PAP and the NTUC.
Ahold's 14 Tops supermarkets in Singapore, controlled jointly by the Kuok Group, are believed to have been losing money in the face of strong competition from NTUC FairPrice, Singapore's leading supermarket chain.