NTWANational Turf Writers Association (est. 1959)
NTWANational Trust of Australia (West Perth, Western Australia, Australia)
NTWANational Training Wage Award (Australia)
NTWANorthwest Territories Waters Act (Canada)
NTWANorth Texas Woodworkers Association (est. 1991; Richardson, TX)
NTWANepal Transport Workers' Association
NTWANavigation in Thai Waters Act
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Barbara Mack, manager of NTWA, said: "As a developing organisation we're pleased North Tyneside Council has worked with us to expand this service.
We are so pleased that Youbet and the NTWA have stepped up and funded this very lucrative effort.
The Turf Writers voted overwhelmingly to support to this scholarship," said Gary West, President of NTWA.
Champion, the NTWA scholarship program is an important investment in the future of the horse racing industry.
With NTWA we are focused on the students, hoping to engage them in studies that could lead to careers in our industry.