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NTXNorth Texas
NTXNt Extended
NTXNetwork Terminal Accelerator
NTXNeutralized Transport Experiment
NTXN-Telopeptide Cross-Links (bone resorption marker)
NTXNavy Teletypewriter System (US Navy)
NTXNational Telephone Exchange, Inc. (Harrisburg, PA)
NTXNavy Teletypewriter Exchange
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In general, CTX and NTX assays show broadly similar clinical utility and test characteristics, with head-to-head comparisons of CTX and NTX showing relatively modest differences in performance (6).
Apparently used as a maintenance vehicle servicing oil and gas wells on a ranch north of Los Angeles, the NTX had been abandoned for at least 25 years when Keith found it.
Through an NTX Diesel customer and an idle conversation, a connection was made that now has turned into an alliance for the 2015 racing season, an alliance that has brought a new awareness of a situation that affects the entire country.
For fun, I tried 50 yards with 10-shot groups with the Hornady NTX grouping at five inches, while the the Remington did two inches and the Hornady XTP hitting three inches.
Since FRAX is an established tool for assessing the ten-year fracture risk, we assessed and found a correlation between hip fracture risk and NTX.
In others, as in Norway, previous scepticism about disulfiram implants in alcoholism (3) caused initially sceptical attitudes to NTX implants in opiate dependence.
The company says that NTX series sensors are interchangeable with other brands, offering most typical configurations regarding flexible capillary, combination melt temperature, electrical outputs, and popular connector options.
During this "drug holiday" I have my patients take calcium, exercise regularly, have bone scans every 1-2 years, and get a urine test for a marker of bone breakdown called NTX.
The plant, Tome's twelfth, is designed to assemble 70 units monthly of the WT-150 mediumsized model or 20 large Super NTX units compared to the current monthly capacity of five units.
According to Manuel Suero, president of NTX, based in Mexico City, a basic audio and lighting control system that set a homeowner back US$50,000 a decade ago, now averages US$5,000.
The two are also directors of the broadcast solutions company NTX Ltd, which has the contract to handle the broadcast of the channel.
A substantial part of his time was spent at NTX Interiors, Inc.