NTZNeutral Zone
NTZNo Transgression Zone
NTZNorth Temperate Zone (planetary science)
NTZNuclear Transitory Zone (neurology)
NTZNuclear Testing Zone
NTZNormal Transformation Zone (infectious diseases)
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If we suppose the soft tissue in NTZ is very flat and thin like a piece of paper, the narrowest intermammary distance should be 3 cm.
9 (8) 4 (1) NTZ NNTB NNTZ NPR Band Area around N limb 3.
The aim of our work was to analyse seasonal changes in the microbial populations in NTZ spruce (Picea abies) forest soil from two closely located forest stands with the same dominant tree species, but with different relief, soil, and vegetation types using classical methods of microbiology and molecular biology.
Recientemente se sintetizo un derivado de la NTZ que mostro una amplia actividad contra varios protozoos, incluyendo E.
Detailed descriptions of the habitat composition within the NTZ and surrounding study area were provided by Johnson et al.
We also labeled each time slice according to whether its conditions would trigger an alert from each of the alerting algorithms for CSPA described earlier: ANC, NTZ, and MIT.
Harzer, "A Sweepable Synthesizer for Selection Level Meters," NTZ Nachrichtentechnik Z.
Contract notice: Optimization of non-technical losses in the LDS - NTZ
Designed by Dutch company NTZ, a manufacturer likely to be new to many UK maintenance managers, the Radial Bypass Micro-Filtration system reduces contamination by filtering oil in a hydraulic system to two-micron at a constant flow and pressure.
Shorter-lived LRSs in the STropZ, NTropZ, and NTZ (Table 5) have probably arisen from vigorous recirculations: e.
This uncommon phenomenon is a dark sector of the NTZ.
Temperate region, a dark sector of the NTZ developed, called the N.