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NUANagoya University of Arts (Japan)
NUANet Unrealized Appreciation
NUANational Unity Alliance (Sri Lanka)
NUANetwork User Address
NUANihon Ukulele Association (ukulele players association; Japan)
NUANetwork Users Association
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Established amidst the unrest of 2011, NUA was envisaged as a counterweight to Bahrain's political opposition and at the time stood against the now defunct Al Wefaq National Islamic Society.
The NUA tax strategy allows certain clients whose qualified retirement plans contain these appreciated employer securities to eventually pay taxes on the appreciated value of those securities at the lower long-term capital gains tax rate.
Nua Group Co-Founder Joe Farris said, "We created Nua Group as an alternative to human resource management consulting, and Carine's experience fits our growing company extremely well.
Adding to the three-time All-Ireland winner's impressive portfolio of work which includes the outstanding GAA USA series in 2015, GAA Nua - directed by former Galway keeper Pat Comer - is halfway through its four-part run on Monday nights on RTE 1 at 7.
Tom Barham, project manager of Menter Iontach Nua, said: "Our project has taken Welsh and Irish social entrepreneurs through a transformational masters programme, and many hundreds of others through the insights of masterclasses.
During the NUA rally, many carried placards reading "Bahrain Without Terrorism", "Hands Off Bahrain" and "No to Iran and America".
Dermot Weld (left) celebrates with Joe Keeling following the success of Teach Nua in a Flat handicap at the Galway festival in 2011
Nua mana Nua sapana means new minds and new dreams, this is conceived and implemented by district police, Rayagada, as an initiative to provide a platform to the tribal students of interior areas to display their talent as well as to provide exposure to better education as well as employment facilities available around them.
The decision boils down to whether the immediate tax benefit of the NUA election outweighs the longer-term benefit of growing diversified assets tax-deferred in an IRA.
What was not revealed until later was that Snip Nua had been injured in a race in Dublin two weeks earlier and had been put down.
The dog, Snip Nua, collided with another dog at Harolds Cross, Dublin, and had to be put down.
NUA is the stock's fair market value in excess of basis.