NUAIRNortheast UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) Airspace Integration Research Alliance
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'Nuair a bha a leithid seo de mheas air an Teachdaire anns a Ghaeltachd 's an am a dh' fhalbh, shaoikamaid gu'm bu choir am moran tuilleadh a bhi air a nis ann an duthaich chein A straillia.
With the recently awarded contract from Northeast Gas Association, Pictometry will work with NYSE ARCH and NUAIR to select potential flight areas and obtain the required authority for each research location by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) through NUAIR.
Among these projects are the Kalba Eco-tourism project, the Sir Bu Nuair Island project, Al Jabal Resort, The Chedi Khorfakkan, Al Majaz Waterfront, and the newly opened Al Montazah Amusement and Water Park.
Earlier this year the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority unveiled plans for its latest project - Sir Bu Nuair Island.
Griffiss is the operating arm of the Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance (NUAIR), which includes participation by New York and Massachusetts.
DubaiCehas the World Islands and Abu Dhabi the F1 favourite Yas Island -- but now sunny Sharjah is looking to get in on the island act with its new project Sir Bu Nuair.
A drone, says Larry Brinker, executive director of NUAIR, the Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance, one of six groups the FAA selected, "doesn't have the same kind of field of vision that a human pilot inside the airplane has."
Added to that, however, there is also the admission of the encroaching English language among the populace: "Nuair a chluinim an Ghaeilg uilig da treigbheail/Agus caismirt Bhearla i mbeol gach aoin" as Art Mac Cumhaigh put it--"When I hear Gaelic completely abandoned/English chatter in the mouth of everyone." While the translator here uses "Gaelic" as a translation of "Gaeilg," it must be pointed out that nobody at the time would have called the language "Gaelic." Even in Scotland it was known as "Irish," and "Irish" is incontrovertibly historically and linguistically the correct word for it.
The nation has previously launched the Kalba Ecotourism Project and Sir Bu Nuair Island project, boosting Sharjah's eco-tourism landscape.
Gle thrice nuair a ghabhadh fear sgeulachd mhor fhada agus h-araid ma's e sgeulachd bh'ann a chuala fear pairt dhu ma dh'fhaoidte aig piuthar a sheanair na aid cuideiginn fad air n-aid agus chanadh iad, "Beannachd Dhia dguibh, a dhuine.