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NUANCENorthwestern University Atomic and Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center (Chicago, IL)
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The Nuance Mobile Speech Platform provides J2ME, BREW, Symbian and Windows Mobile application developers with the ability to enhance their offerings with a seamless speech experience.
Nuance Voice Control functionality available for the BlackBerry Pearl includes the following:
The Nuance Voice Control service combined with USA TODAY content gives us a platform to deliver mobile advertising.
The show floor at 3GSM provides a snapshot of just how pervasive our speech solutions have become," said Steve Chambers, president, speech division, Nuance.
That combination, coming from the leader in document conversion products, is what has made Nuance the clear and trusted alternative to Adobe for desktop PDF applications worldwide.
As a key Microsoft industry partner, Nuance was also selected as one of only a handful of companies to join in its Windows Vista Launch Tour 2007, a nationwide series of live events that allow attendees to experience the latest technologies and gives first-hand access to the new Microsoft solutions.
Instant voice recognition: The advanced Nuance speech recognition in Sync lets a driver speak simple commands that are automatically understood by the system, without any training.
The new Appligent Redax & Stamp 4, a $79 plug-in for PDF Converter Professional to be sold by Nuance, combines even more powerful redaction and security features with valuable document stamping and tracking features.
SpeechAttendant Internal Dialer is built on Nuance Speech Technology, the industry's leading speech recognition engine, and on SpeechAttendant, the industry's leading speech enabled auto attendant with over 2,000 systems deployed.
Reflecting the growing hunger for mobile information anytime, anywhere, approximately 18 percent of all voice commands in the Nuance study involved mobile search.
Nuance has the background and products that will help create the best user experience yet; together we can change the way consumers use navigation forever.
We believe this partnership with Nuance Communications will add a significant edge both to our handsets and our ability to roll out new products in different parts of the world," said Tae Hyun Jung, vice president, R&D planning division, Pantech Group.