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NUBANorth Umpqua Business Association (est. 1998; Oregon)
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With the oil industry in the South and Kordofan and minerals industry in the Nuba Mountains, Beja, Darfur, and the Ingessana Hills, Joseph's far-sighted projection would possibly find a new momentum.
The Sudanese president also committed to complete the building of the ring road, pledging to extend electricity line to cover all areas of the Nuba Mountain.
Violence has swept Sudan's ethnically divided state since June 5, with the Sudanese Armed Forces battling Nuba militia aligned to the SPLA, the ex-rebel army of the South, in what Khartoum calls a rebellion within its borders.
Despite the holy war declaration, people in the Nuba Mountains say the war is about much more than just converting Christians and followers of traditional African religions to Islam.
Africa Watch: Sudan: Destroying Ethnic Identity, The Secret War Against the Nuba, 10 December 1991.
Nor has the Obama administration pushed for a humanitarian corridor to be opened to the people of the Nuba or Blue Nile; indeed, the administration never speaks about these scenes of terrible human suffering and destruction.
What's happening beyond Kadugli, beyond the Nuba Mountains, in places we haven't heard of, is that these Nuba people are being exterminated," he said.
Ashworth, based in Juba, Southern Sudan, told NCR that people are fleeing to the government town of El Obeid, outside the zone of fighting, but are reportedly still being targeted if they are Nuba, a Sudanese ethnic grouping of several peoples.
This is really a targeted cleansing of a specific group, the Nuba, whether it is now, or it is heading towards that," Ahmed Saeed, a Nuba activist and MP for South Kordofan, told AFP.
She held Abdulaziz Al-Hillo responsible for the state of n security instability, affirming that Al-Hilo is not keen on the stability and safety of Nuba Mountains' people and giving no heed to the damages that occur due to military activities.
Summary: The United Nations, already examining the performance of its peacekeeping troops in Abyei in May, must widen its investigations to their performance in the Nuba Mountains region of South Kordofan in June.
KAUDA: A stronghold of south Sudan's former rebels even though it lies north, Kauda in the Nuba mountains is a poor town whose indigenous peoples hope they too may one day be free from Arab rule.