NUCONNucleus Constant
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class="MsoNormalDEFECTIVE PRODUCTS class="MsoNormalThe minutes named Muwa Trading Company Limited and Nucon Switchgear as among those affected by the delays and supply of defective products.
Under the agreement, NUCON and ALKAN will share financial and technological resources to jointly operate a world-scale manufacturing facility in Hyderabad.
The adoption level for this technology at large scale is excellent," said Abu Zafar Mahmud, COO Nucon Engineering, while talking to media.
Nucon is keeping pace with modern requirements of HVACR sector where innovations are taking place rapidly and focus is on construction of 'Green and Energy Efficient Buildings.' Nucon Engineering has joined hands with Netsol Technologies, Pakistan's leading IT solution provider, to be pioneers in making new buildings 'Green and Energy Efficient' by using Toshiba VRF (variable refrigerant flow) HVAC equipment.
"Selection of NUCON engineers reflects the trust and confidence customers have in the equipment," said Mustafa Khalid, NUCON Engineers Chief Executive Officer.
Twenty years after Morrell began consulting, he now helms a 375 employee firm and is doing things with The Nucon Group that "a mature company does," such as offer employee training, maintain their own servers, and for Morrell, delegate.
'Selection of Nucon Engineers to install and commission Toshiba's energy efficient and environmental friendly HVAC equipment by Netsol Technologies reflects the trust and confidence customers have in the equipment', said Mustafa Khalid Nucon Engineers CEO.
Incorporating many of the features of Nucon Wittmann's existing CDD Series, the new models add the benefit of a high-efficiency molecular sieve to rapidly remove moisture from the PET resin, and offer an adjustable and stable dewpoint for the drying process.
These new models from Nucon Wittmann, Inc., Markham, Ont., incorporate features from the company's continuous desiccant dryer (CDD) series plus a high-efficiency molecular-sieve desiccant.
Supplying resin to small machines or loading additives to a blender or color feeder are applications suited to the new model 800 series of small vacuum loaders from Nucon Wittman Inc., Torrington, Conn.
Two small vacuum loaders were introduced last year by Nucon Systems, Inc., Markham, Ont.