NUCPSNorthwestern University Center for Public Safety (est. 1936; Evanston, IL)
NUCPSNational Union of Civil and Public Servants
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Clearly, the needs of NUCP teachers exert new pressures on the experienced teachers who serve as their mentors.
During the past year, we have encountered teachers who were mentoring student teachers and were subsequently asked to mentor up to three struggling NUCP teachers.
As we said above, our aim is to consider the impact of NUCP teachers on a shrinking and valuable resource--the experienced mentor teacher.
As beginners lacking the practitioner experience that is traditionally gained from student teaching, NUCP teachers often find themselves in need of significant professional support.
* NUCPs in California certified 168 English teachers; the University of California, Berkeley, graduated 22; Stanford, 11.
* NUCPs in Texas certified 168 English teachers; the University of Texas, Austin, graduated 27.
* NUCPs in Georgia certified 75 English teachers; the University of Georgia graduated 26.
* NUCPs in Colorado certified 51 English teachers; the University of Colorado, Boulder, graduated 36.
* NUCPs in Louisiana certified 22 English teachers; LSU graduated 14.
* NUCPs in Florida certified 39 English teachers; Florida State University graduated 23.
* NUCPs in New Jersey certified 101 English teachers; Rutgers University graduated 39.
Data confirm that NUCPs are certifying waves of new teachers, yet even more students are obtaining their teaching credentials over the Internet.