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NUD*ISTNon-numerical Unstructured Data Indexing, Searching, and Theorizing
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Each interview was transcribed and coded using NUD*IST 4 software for qualitative analysis.
In contrast to the labour intensive manual methods of qualitative analysis, NUD*IST allows the researcher to store text efficiently, to access documents easily, to quickly move back into documents to retrieve and browse contextual information, to manage extensive amounts of coding, and to revise and expand categories and sub-categories with relatively little effort.
Although NUD*IST has made the tasks of the qualitative researcher easier and more efficient, it is important to note that it does so without sabotaging the traditional methods of qualitative data analysis (Richards & Richards, 1992).
Sub-themes were identified and defined using the QRS NUD*IST computer programme.
As each interview was coded, the interviews and the codes were entered into QSR NUD*IST 4 (1997), a software program for storing, merging, and analyzing qualitative data, by a data collector experienced in data entry and familiar with NUD*IST.
All the transcribed documents were introduced into QSR NUD*IST (Non-Numerical Unstructured Data Indexing, Searching Theory-Building), Version 3, (QSR NUD.
Examples of code-based theory builders are AFTER, AQUAD, ATLAS/ti, Code-A-Text, HyperRESEARCH, NUD*IST, QCA, The Ethnograph, and winMAX.
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