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NUD*ISTNon-numerical Unstructured Data Indexing, Searching, and Theorizing
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To better understand the relationships between participants' PPTs and their self-reported sources, these data were quantified by using NUD*IST 6 (QSR International, 2003) to calculate the percentage that each source contributed to each content subcategory identified in their PPTs.
El programa NUD*IST provee una serie de opciones para organizar las categorias en un arbol categorial, con subcategorias, por lo que resulta posible clarificar los conceptos, localizar las categorias y ver las relaciones entre ellas y sus subcategorias.
Some of this inherent bias in qualitative research was mitigated because the NUD*IST software rather than the investigator was generating frequency of occurrence of the themes.
How much time and resources are available to learn multi-access packages like NUD*IST, for example?
NUD*IST 4 provides a structure for individual responses to be categorized, thereby allowing the researchers to identify themes in the data.
All of the transcribed interviews were imported into the QSR NUD*IST (Non-numerical Unstructured Data Indexing, Searching, and Theorizing) computer software package.
Boje discusses the various ways to trace and represent networks and evaluates the pros and cons of software tools, such as Ethnograph, NUD*IST and NVivo.
As each interview was coded, the interviews and the codes were entered into QSR NUD*IST 4 (1997), a software program for storing, merging, and analyzing qualitative data, by a data collector experienced in data entry and familiar with NUD*IST.
All the transcribed documents were introduced into QSR NUD*IST (Non-Numerical Unstructured Data Indexing, Searching Theory-Building), Version 3, (QSR NUD.
This section includes a brief overview of different computer software packages such as Ethnograph, GATOR and NUD*IST (among others).