NUDATNuclear Structure and Decay Data
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Half-lives and decay information were obtained from the NuDat 2 Database (NNDC 2013).
Given that Ra decay products had likely existed in a steady-state radioactive equilibrium with Ra isotopes in the solid shale-formation matrix for millions of years prior to drilling activities, these observations prompted us to explore the radioactive equilibrium relationships of Ra decay products in produced fluids, particularly for the longer-lived alpha-emitters, [sup.228]Th ([t.sub.1/2] = 1.91 years) and [sup.210]Po ([t.sub.1/2] = 138 days) (half-lives were extracted from the NuDat 2 Database) [National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC) 2013].
Horace, Epistles, 1, 18, 21, quem damnosa Venus, quem praeceps alea nudat ("whom ruinous Venus, whom headlong gaming strips"), with a play on the collocation of Venus, sex, as a cause of loss -- expressed in terms of stripping -- with alea, in which Venus, the best throw, is a source of rich gain.