NUDCNational Universities Degree Consortium (various schools)
NUDCNow Up-to-Date and Contact (Now Software)
NUDCNon-Uniform Directional Coupler
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Now Software, makers of the #1 best selling cross-platform calendar and contact manager Now Up-to-Date(R) & Contact(R) (NUDC), today introduced NUDC 4.
NUDC is renowned by editors, columnists, and users alike for its easy interface, its powerful set of user features, and its ability to optimize workgroup productivity through appropriate information sharing without compromising personal or family data.
NUDC took a major step forward in Q4 of this year with the introduction of Now Up-to-Date & Contact for Windows, the first complete migration of NUDC for Macintosh to the Windows operating system.
Later in 2004, Macintosh users will experience the biggest NUDC product news yet via the release of NUDC 5.
Comprised of two separate, yet fully interoperable products, Now Up-to- Date and Now Contact, NUDC is designed to work the way people do.
Now Up-to-Date & Contact for Windows enables seamless and complete transfer of data with any other NUDC application, Windows or Macintosh, over a home or enterprise network.
In November 2002, after beginning the process of re-branding its business productivity products under the Now Software name, Power On unveiled the first-ever Windows version of Now Up-to-Date, the calendar manager portion of NUDC.
2003, however, is the year that Now Software customers will see the biggest change in the NUDC product line.