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(35) Augustine, furthermore, refers to "naked" (nudi) gymnosophists of India in De civitate Dei without further comment, while making it clear in a different book of the same work that these devotees nonetheless covered their genitals: adhibent tamen genitalibus tegmina, quibus per cetera membrorum carent ("they use a covering for their genitals, which the rest of their members are without").
erinaceo incola terrestri, lamina lanceolata, basi rotunda ad truncata, squamis rhizomatis pallido-pardalis, necnon costa nudis absimilis.
Liberman is on somewhat shakier ground, however, in asserting that nudis at 135 is otiose and in adopting (with Kramer and Mozley) Wittenbach's conjecture of nitidis.
(34) "Si nudis auctoritatibus magister quaestionem determinet, certificabitur quidem auditor quod ita est, sed nihil scientiae vel intellectus acquiret et vacuus abscedet" (Thomas Aquinas, Quaestiones quadlibetales 4, q.
But the Amazon simile was probably the chief inspiration for the medieval reader who concocted the inept comparison in 17-20 of the Spartan women at their exercises to Castor and Pollux doing something in the presence of Helen: qualis et Eurotae Pollux et Castor harenis,/ hic uictor pugnis, ille futurus equis,/ inter quos Helene nudis capere arma papillis/ fertur nec fratres erubuisse deos, `just as Pollux and Castor as well in the sands of the Eurotas, the latter destined to be victorious with his fists, the former with horses, between whom Helen is said to take up arms with bare nipples and the brother gods not to have blushed'.
paulo petulantiora' ('rather indelicate') poems at 4.14.4, Pliny says that in the past serious men have 'non modo lascinia rerum sed ne uerbis quidem nudis abstinuisse' ('neither avoided lascivious subjects nor refrained from expressing them in plain language').
Ad Gymnopogon glaber affinis, sed vaginis foliorum pubescentibus; ligulis 0,6-0,8 mm longis; ramis paniculae 1/4 subtus nudis; glumis scabris, superiore (4-)4,5-6(-7) mm longa, lemmate piloso, arista floris inferi 18-26(-33) mm longa differ.
And the poems contain personal touches behind which we think we see an individual: vatem decalvatum, (4) "bald bard" 2.56; pre multa pauperie/ nudis laudo pedibus, "because of great poverty, I praise barefoot" 7.9, 2; or the nearly fatal fever in 6.
(23) PVC, I: 98: 'Egressi sunt igitur omnes nudi de civitate, nichil secum preter peccata portantes'.