NUDPNational Union for Democracy and Progress (Cameroon)
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21) Ethnic loyalty to NUDP leadership may also account for the latter's victory in the largely Foulbe/Moslem North and Adamawa provinces, where NUDP candidates won all twenty-two seats.
The fact that Biya decided to form a parliamentary coalition with the MDR rather than either the NUDP or the UPC (which would have given his party a more solid majority in the legislature) may buttress charges in some domestic political circles that the CPDM was not only behind the formation of the MDR, but had bankrolled the party's campaign.
Similarly, Bello Bouba Maigari, the NUDP candidate won more than 64 percent or 369,776 of his 569,887 total votes from the three Northern provinces (the Far North, North and Adamawa provinces).
88 percent for Bello Bouba Maigari, the NUDP candidate.
It was also reported that armed guards were used to prevent NUDP representatives from visiting polling stations to investigate allegations of election irregularities on election day.
Another compelling reason that might have contributed to the CPDM candidate's strong performance in two of the northern provinces was the fear by the non-Foulbe population that a victory by the Foulbe-led NUDP party (which many of them view as a successor to Ahidjo's CNU party) could again lead to their being dominated and undermined by the minority Foulbe-Moslem population in the region.
Another important factor among the electorate in the South-West province was the fact that instead of voting overwhelmingly for CPDM candidates as was the case in the North-West in the legislative elections, more than 80 percent of the electorate in the province who cast their votes did so for NUDP candidates.