NUDSNorthwestern University Dental School (Chicago, IL)
NUDSNorthwestern University Disability Scale (Evanston, IL)
NUDSNational Urban Development Strategy (est. 1985; Indonesia)
NUDSNational Urban Diabetes Survey (medical research)
NUDSNonupdate System
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The TA is planned, prepared, and will be delivered in collaboration with a parallel project funded through a grant by Cities Alliance to MOC for the preparation of NUDS.
The preparation of NUDS constitutes a further development and detailing of government's National Urban Development Program (NUDP), a cornerstone of an emerging but as yet insufficiently articulated - urban development policy framework.
3 SARAH LUCAS IN LONDON Known to many for her corrosive art, Lucas still gives us a lot to be impressed by: her recent NUDS, 2009-12, which hijack twentieth-century sculpture with their frank gravity and strangely elegant contortions; last year's pajama-clad "Artist in Bed" residency at St.