NUDSNorthwestern University Dental School (Chicago, IL)
NUDSNorthwestern University Disability Scale (Evanston, IL)
NUDSNational Urban Diabetes Survey (medical research)
NUDSNational Urban Development Strategy (est. 1985; Indonesia)
NUDSNonupdate System
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The National Urban Diabetes Survey (NUDS) was a population based study conducted in six large cities from different regions of India.
I really think that having it adjusted into these trees, and the "branchiness," and the organic things, lead me to notice that about the Nuds. The first Nud was actually just a screwed up old bunny that had been in the back of a cupboard for some years.
RAIL: Are you going to continue along the Nuds pathway?
The National Urban Diabetes Survey (NUDS) investigated prevalence of diabetes in 6 large metropolitan cities ("metros") of India in 2001, but there was no rural component (9).
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3 SARAH LUCAS IN LONDON Known to many for her corrosive art, Lucas still gives us a lot to be impressed by: her recent NUDS, 2009-12, which hijack twentieth-century sculpture with their frank gravity and strangely elegant contortions; last year's pajama-clad "Artist in Bed" residency at St.
In the National Urban Diabetes Study (NUDS) study (20), the prevalence rates of diabetes was higher in three southern cities (Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangaluru) where rice is consumed more frequently, compared to three northern cities (Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai) where wheat, is consumed more frequently.
Schneider's following observations in his article "Les nuds du langage": "Le Perou, vers lequel se tournent sans cesse les pensees de Zilia, est evoque par elle de maniere tres abstraite, [alors meme qu']en 1747 le Perou est a la mode, et que les relations de Bouguer et La Condamine contribuent depuis deux ou trois ans a repandre dans le public toute une imagerie de la Cordillere des Andes et des regions merveilleuses qu'elle enserre entre ses montagnes" (note 4, 1124).
Sarah Lucas excels with her twisted, intestine-like sculptures from the series "NUDS," 2009-, made of cushion stuffing, wire, and nylons set on heavy cinder blocks and plinths.
The TA has three outputs: (1) The National Urban Development Strategy (NUDS) approved by 2018; (2) Guidelines to improve national urban planning by 2017; and (3) Capacity developed to implement climate change resilience at provincial and city levels.
The TA is planned, prepared, and will be delivered in collaboration with a parallel project funded through a grant by Cities Alliance to MOC for the preparation of NUDS. The Cities Alliance funded project will include an assessment of the current status of urban development in Viet Nam, based on a survey amongst cities.
Contract award: construction of 14 multi-family rental in corps nuds - zac les grands furrows - ilot k4 - the carnutes.