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NUENitrogen Use Efficiency
NUENational Ultra Endurance (race)
NUENotice of Unusual Event (nuclear power)
NUENuremberg, Germany - Nuremberg (Airport Code)
NUENational Union of Educators
NUENational Union Electric (consumer electronic products)
NUENon-Upset Ends (piping)
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For our calculations of nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) and its components, the plants under study should be in a steady state with respect to their N uptake and N losses.
Address : 25, Rue De Nue Bleue Cs80407 67002 Strasbourg Cedex
It is estimated that by the end of 205050-70% grains from cereal crops will be required to fulfill the food requirement of a huge population of 9.3 billion (Smil 2005).Nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) can be defined as dry matter accumulation per unit of nitrogen applied.
High productivity, expressed as biomass or grain yields, does not depend on high NUE when N supply is not limiting.
Comme indique precedemment, Brown est rentre d'un voyage a Las Vegas pour trouver Amira Ayeb, la chanteuse en herbe originaire de Tunisie, couchee nue dans son lit.
bottle, Nue is "affordable for the Millennial consumer to purchase and get their smaller brand associations, while still recruiting middle-aged consumers that want a premium quality product at an affordable price point, but also a cosmopolitan look to dress up their back bar for entertaining friends," Feifarek adds.
"open" competition procedure through the sintel telematic intermediation platform, For the provision of the real-time telephone interpreting service for the needs of the (cur) nue 112 of the lombardy region and of the areu operations centers, For a duration of 36 months, Possibly renewable for a further 24 months.
Verdesian is excited to be leading the NUE charge from the front.
On top of baked and glazed bodies, such as Nue posee, hardened drips of translucent pink glass cover nipple-like protuberances and appear to ooze from indeterminate orifices like biological discharges.
2 Nue Agency partnered GE with artist Gryffin to create an original song for this ad about how energy flows.
In celebration of their 25 years in business, Paul and Rhonda La Nue, owners of Lyons Roofing, have committed to give back to the community that has so generously supported them.
Nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) is commonly used to assess the relative conversion of N inputs into agricultural products and to indicate the risk of environmental N losses (e.g.