NUFCNewcastle United Football Club (British soccer team)
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The board of NUFC have responsibility to ensure that the club is able to meet its commitments, which include the wages and the transfer fees for players.
They informed us that his existing contract had expired and the player had decided he wished to leave NUFC.
Tickets for the NUFC screening at the Stadium of Light are strictly limited and must be booked in advance by calling 0871 911 1555 or emailing conf&banq@safc.
You appended an editor's note: "There is no feud between The Journal and NUFC.
Goals from Nick Lord and Garrick Murphy-Collins helped give Fica an early lead but high-scoring NUFC Kicks came fighting back to go into half-time at 4-4 thanks to strikes from Michael Leech and John Woodford.
Name: | Owen Storey Age: Seven Lives: Cowgate, Newcastle Favourite player: Guttierez First match: Nufc V Man United Most treasured footy possession: My picture of the day I was mascot for NUFC V Reading
The manager and the team obviously do not understand that no matter what they do or do not achieve, the one thing that the fantastic supporters of NUFC should never witness is the abject surrender of a NUFC team to Sunderland especially at our home ground.
Head of NUFC Foundation, Kate Bradley, said: "We are proud of what we achieved so far but there is still a way to go before we begin to realise our full potential.
Matty Aston SPORT: Now there is speculation about whether John Carver will remain as NUFC manager.
I wouldn't mind playing for NUFC at some point in my own
sammatterface (Sam Matterface) #NUFC Good job The first 10,000 supporters with 2011/12 shirts that bring them to the Club shop will receive a free Virgin Money update @iainmacintosh (Iain Macintosh) I wonder if NUFC can get the 'Virgin Money'' logos stitched on in time.