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NUFFNational Uterine Fibroids Foundation
NUFFNaturist UK Factfile (naturism web site)
NUFFNordisk Ungdoms Film Festival (Norwegian: Nordic Youth Film Festival; Norway)
NUFFNational Union of Freedom Fighters (Trinidad and Tobago)
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At last the stranger got out a smothered "'Nuff!" and Tom let him up and said:
Oh, yes, sure nuff! Mos' forgot you--hic--ole chappie!
"Him rotten, massa, sure nuff," replied the negro in a few moments, "but not so berry rotten as mought be.
Wal, I loses off my hat, and sings out nuff to raise the dead.
"Thet ain't 'nuff. Say, 'Hope I may die if I ain't speakin' truth.'"
One of the NUFF campaigners, Rebecca D'Andrea, said: "Climate change is a threat to humanity and all other life on our planet.
Two of Nuff 's current and former staff hit out at boss Kevin McLoughlin, 29, citing several problems.
It Sure 'Nuff Happened: I Was There, 2017, Alan Easley, hardcover, 270 pages, NukeWorks Publishing; available for $20 plus $5 shipping/handling from Alan Easley, 8300 East Turner Farm Rd., Columbia, MO 65201; (573) 999-3713.
Nuff" shoot man-on-man against the timers in Cowboy Fast Draw.
Heading down through the sewer pipes by Tuff 'Nuff, you'll come across Rat King Lair.
Well, here's another saying, one I recommend Brownshoes actually take to heart: "Brief the flight; fly the brief." 'Nuff said.